5 Great Mothers in Anime That Influenced A Great Story

Whether you like it or not, despite what would really happen in real life, parents in most anime play almost no part in the main protagonists’ life, mostly being out-of-town. Most of these parents, if they exist, play only comic relief roles and are irrelevant to the plot. Heck, some of them have their very own “plot”, if you know what I mean! wink wink


To commemorate the upcoming Mother’s Day, (wipe that nosebleed, dammit) we are going to pay tribute to the 5 most influential mothers in anime. Entering massive spoiler territory here, so please take note.

  1. Carla Jaeger (Attack on Titan)

She may have died in the very first episode, but her violent and shocking death set the stage for the blood-soaked spectacle that is Attack on Titan. She accepted her own death, entrusting her son, Eren and adopted daughter, Mikasa to Hannes before facing her ultimate fate: crushed in the mouth of a gigantic Titan. This turned Eren’s fear into hatred and that, in turn, fueled further his desire of wanting to kill all the Titans. In a way, you could say that she is pretty influential for someone who died within 20 plus minutes of a show. Now, where is that piece-of-shit father?

2. Trisha Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist/ Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)


Oh, them feels are strong with this anime. It not only gave us the Chimera dog/Nina and Maes Hughes incident, but in the first anime (Fullmetal Alchemist), we were also shown how Trisha Elric was such a great mum. Heart-warming and all, yes, but she died.

Not only did she die, but in the first anime, the homunculi Sloth also took the form of the Elric brothers’ dear mother. Yes, touching reunion should have commenced, had the monster in the form of Trisha not try to kill them! Like it or not, the death of Trisha casted a huge shadow on the anime(s) and influenced the course of the anime as much as any other main character would have. Like how Maes Hughes is to Roy Mustang, Trisha taught the Elric Brothers one thing no one else could teach them: How life is precious.

  1. Saki Arima (Your Lie in April)


Now, this is a controversial pick. If you watched KimiUso, you would know, in Kousei’s imagination what a horrid mother he had, always beating him up and not allowing him freedom. You may have even hated her for being so strict. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. However, if one were to look at this not from Kousei’s perspective and memories, but from the mother’s perspective, we would see that Saki Arima was in fact, just a normal mother would became increasingly desperate after knowing of her terminal illness. In a bid to groom her son, Kousei, into a world-renowned pianist so that he could make a living, she became the perfectionist mother you have come to hate. However, at the core of it all, she is still the same mother who loved and cared for Kousei. Thus, we are reminded that mothers are also human beings and make mistakes, so appreciate them when they are still alive.

  1. Nobuko Izumi (Parasyte: The Maxim)

Okay, at least this mother lasted long more than 3 episodes. Nobuko Izumi, depending on how you look at it, played an important role in the beginning of the story. Willing to sacrifice herself to save her son, Shinichi, she placed herself in front of boiling oil to prevent it from falling on young Shinichi. Even though arguably she is not as influential as the other afore-mentioned mothers to their respective stories, you could see her motherly love oozing out from the little things that she does. And of course, she died too.

  1. Anna (Garo: The Animation)

Despite not knowing how she looked like and literally knowing her only by name, she continues to haunt the nightmares of her son, Leon Luiz. And no wonder. She literally dies while trying to give birth to little Leon back then. Nope, she did not die because she was bodily weak and couldn’t stand the shock of childbirth. It was because she was being burned at the stake due to her being accused of being a witch when she gave birth. Talk about nasty afterburns after a childbirth! In a dark anime like this one, it’s only befitting that our main protagonist has a bad-ass mother like her. Now that I think of it, Anna actually reminds me of the Terminator.


Do you have any anime mothers that you wanna pay tribute to this Mother’s Day? Feel free to discuss them on the comments below! Also, don’t forget to pay tribute to your actual mothers in real life too!

Happy Mother’s Day!!

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