Preview – Owari no Seraph – Attack on Titan Succesor?

Arguably, the most hyped up anime series of Spring 2015 is Studio WIT produced Owari no Seraph, also known as Seraph of the End. And for the anime fandom, there is plenty of stuff to hyped up about. First of all, Studio WIT, an I.G Production subsidiary company that is behind this anime, is also the studio behind the unarguable 2013 “anime-of-the-year” Attack on Titan. This prompted everyone ranging from AoT fans to casual bystanders to start branding it as the next Attack on Titan of 2015, with almost everyone getting aboard the hype ship. There is also the awesome looking visuals that we get from the PVs which fueled the hype even more. Needless to say, Owari no Seraph started out with a ‘BANG!‘, although it is yet to be seen whether it will live up to the hype or fizzle away into the darkness to be forgotten and abandoned.

So, before we go on, here is the one of the promotional videos released.

Anyway, no matter what the outcome, it looks damn good, so why not?


Owari no Seraph revolves around an alternate universe in which, the human civilization was wiped out by a virus of unknown origins, leaving only the children alive. Almost immediately after the epidemic which effects were sudden and immediate, leaving behind a catastrophe of wreckage and havoc, a group of humanoid beings with superhuman abilities calling themselves ‘vampires’ appear and began taking the children as livestock to feed themselves.

Among these children were Yuuichirou Hyakuya, a boy who harbors extreme hatred for the vampires and wants to start a revolution to kill them all. Him being an orphan, he stayed in an orphanage before the incident. There, he was extremely hostile towards everyone and is an anti-social person. We were also introduced to Mikaela, Yuuichirou’s “brother” only by name and not by blood, who is always around to “love” him and “care” for him.

Don’t get the “wrong” idea, ok? It’s a kind of brotherly love. You won’t understand it. wink wink

Owari no Seraph 1

Anyway, during an attempted escape from the world controlled by the vampires,  Yuuichirou’s adopted family from the orphanage was horribly murdered by a vampire lord before his eyes. After witnessing such horrible tragedy, he manages to escape after shooting the vampire lord in the head. Outside, he was taken into custody by Guren Ichinose, leader of Japanese Moon Demon Company who offers Yuuichirou training and the power to kill all the vampires.

Does Yuuichirou remind you of someone?

Shingeki 1

Not wanting to spoil anything, given that this is only a preview of the show, in my opinion this could potentially be a good show, or even a great show. But…

The question that we should be asking, is whether or not this show lives up to the hype?

This anime has an awful lot of plot points, twists and turns just around the corner. Just sometime ago, when I finished the third episode, I was beginning to think that this anime is getting very predictable but by the end of the fourth episode, it turns out that there is more than meets the eye.

The series looks as if it would be quite predictable, even to the casual anime audience as it uses existing tropes and stereotypes to form and build up its plot line. In a way, we tend to predict the outcome of the story after only catching glimpses of the whole picture. In other words, it tries to make you jump the gun before throwing you off-guard, with a twist in the story along the way.

Whether or not that is a good thing though, is yet to be seen and will only be made known when the series ends. After all, as people say, “there is a fine line between genius and insanity.” The same applies to being perfect and being a complete disaster.

Now, the series has to tread carefully. It has the potential to make it all the way, but a slip of the hand can cause the series to blow up in its face.

As a conclusion, if anybody were to tell you that this show is good or bad, don’t listen because no one can predict the outcome at this point in time just yet. This series should be kept in view for the time being as it has quite the potential. The story looks promising despite the initial slow start. The main characters appear rather one-dimensional, though I could imagine the characters’ development being more drawn-out once the main story arc kicks in. The animation throughout is very consistent, and so far, there was no dip in the quality of animation. The music, on the other hand has been compatible enough to compliment the series. However, there are no outstanding tracks just yet.

If you are looking for the next big thing this season, look no further. This could very well be the anime of the season but it could also turn out to be one of the biggest disappointments in 2015. So if you want to watch this, keep in mind that it could go both ways and watch it with low expectations.  You never know, this could very well be a great anime, or otherwise.

Till the next post, Cheerio!

Note: Don’t ever look up this anime in Wikipedia. It will spoil you so much that you will never be able to enjoy the anime anymore. And also, look out for the plethora of clues to the twists coming in the first episode. A lot of clues are in the details, like the surnames, maybe?

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