Preview – Gunslinger Stratos – A Boring Season Ahead?

By now, I have watched at least one episode of so many anime released in the Spring 2015 anime. And to be entirely honest, I have a feeling that this season is as dull as heck. Unlike last year’s spring season that brought us outstanding anime series like No Game, No Life and Haikyuu! among many others, this season’s anime seems to be bland and rather dull in comparison. Aside from Kekkai Sensen and Arslan Senki, I find myself losing motivation to catch up, or to even finish the first episode of some anime that was available.

Here is a preview of one of the shows that I find slightly more bearable than the others. I introduce you to:

Gunslinger Stratos: The Animation

Based on a third person shooting arcade game by the same name, the anime revolves around a normal looking high school student, Kazasumi Tohru. He is peace-loving and prefers less violence. He is also the target of affection by his childhood friend, Katagiri Kyoka. She is the kind of character that you can relate with the many conventional female protagonists out there with the “Notice Me, Senpai!” attidute while Tohru is the dense and kind male protagonist that was all the rage back 4 to 8 years ago.

Notice me Senpai

One day, after some foreshadowing and some other plot points that were also anime stereotypes, Tohru and Kyoka stumbled upon a gateway that transported them to our time in Tokyo. There, they fell right into a high-octane gunfight between two groups of people. While escaping, Tohru and Kyoka stumbled upon *gasps* his doppelgänger who tries to kill him. After attempting (unsuccessfully) to attack his doppelgänger with a paintball gun (internally sighs mournfully), he was then rescued by some kid who then proceeded to tell them how the world is now under threat and how they must save the world de bla bla bla…


Okay, it’s by no means, intriguing or thought-provoking but at least, anyone watching could hope for some epic fight scenes given the plot setting, but then again, what for? The action scenes were not only bland and unsatisfying, having it all just revolve around gunfights and shooting is uninteresting and comparably boring.

When I personally look for anime to watch, I look for good story, an interesting one at the very least. Otherwise, good characters design. If not, I can just look for awesome action scenes or at the very, very least, good music. Yup, even good music can be enough.

Guilty Crown mem

However, I can’t even find anything like that in the anime. For an anime based off an arcade game, I never expected some great story but at least, give me something good, will ya?

There are many flaws in this anime, one of them being taking itself way too seriously, then throws us off-balance using some lame old moe/cute/kawaii joke. That in itself is way enough reason for me to skip this show altogether.

For the lack of better anime to watch, I tried enduring longer than two episodes, but still the artstyle and the ‘not-so-epic’ fight scenes failed to win me over. I fail to see any potential in this series, which is very sad because the epic fights in the arcade promotional video was very enthralling.

Unlike the anime series, the arcade game made short work of the boring ‘save-the-world’ back story and immediately drop the viewers into a world of epic battles, gun fights and awesome 3D-maneuvers, which is awesome in its own right. I’m pretty sure whoever looking forward to this after playing the game would be bored to death after that lengthy back story and boring fights.

And so, my recommendation? Skip it, even though it may show some potential in the beginning, but honestly, I couldn’t care less about the series anymore. Watch it, only if you have absolutely nothing better to do.

Till the next preview, Cheerio.

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