Preview – BAR Kirawase Yasai – AAAHHHHH!!! TALKING VEGETABLES!!!!

Phew~ I must say there are tonnes of stupidity out there in the Internet. In Youtube, you have Pewdiepie, which after watching him play some stupid horror game, I swear my IQ was halved by a two-quarters. That Swedish asshole, him, that’s what. Look! My grammar is now in tattas. Hah! Get it? Tatters? There’s also, which is utterly useless except for bringing you to another, totally fancy website. But useless.

Then, there’s the stupidity of social media. Do I even need to elaborate? With exception of a select few who enjoys watching random domestic pets doing random, adorable or otherwise downright annoying acts of  insolence against a roll of toilet paper or against a windscreen of a car, we all find the need to escape the Internet once in a while. Trying to escape? Tired of the same memes over and over again? No worries, ’cause you can NEVER ESCAPE!!!! (cue evil laughter and severe coughing)

Anyway, it’s not as if stupidity only exists in the Internet. Stupidity is in the veins of humanity, it’s in our genes. We can’t escape it. Don’t worry, you just have to let the idiot inside of you out once in a while. Not to let your idiot self get bored and throw tantrums, I present to you the anime of the stupid: BAR Kirawase Yasai.

It’s an anime about vegetables.


As kids, there are vegetables that we dislike a lot, namely Brussels Sprouts. In fact, there are shows and cartoons that depict some vegetables as the most disliked vegetable of all time, going out of their way to make characters dislike the vegetables so much that they’d specifically come out with an elaborate plot to blow all the world’s Brussel Sprouts into space.

But what if these hated vegetables have a life of their own? What if they are sad because they are hated?

BAR Kirawase Yasai adapts artist Daisuke Kimura‘s four-panel manga of the same name, the story centers on vegetables that children hate, everyone hesitates to eat, and are smelly. In the manga, we are introduced to these vegetables as they visit a bar to share drinks together while they talk about their worries. Doesn’t sound funny to you? Really? Found it unamusing? You mean, I have bad taste for watching this? Huh? Really? Really???

Yes, thank you. I hate brinjals (aka eggplants) too, thank you very much. Anyway, one episode of this anime is only approximately 1 minute and 30 seconds only so don’t worry. In fact, the ending song takes up 30 seconds of it. So, the jokes are like one-off so, it’s like an appetizer before you have your meal, in this case, start a ten-hour marathon of Gintama or heavy stuff like Fate Stay/Night or Clannad.

So yeah, just a recommendation. Well, if you find cats and dogs rolling on the ground amusing and fascinating, then don’t tell me you think this is stupid.

And I hate celery too. That one’s for you, mum!

Oh, no. She’s coming. S-s-shouldn’t have said that out loud. For now, I’ll go into hiding.

This is Noble Six, signing out. Cheerio.

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