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Sentai Filmworks – Spring 2015 Anime Pt.1

Sentai Filmworks has been busy for the past few months. They have managed to acquire licenses for several new anime that have released for Spring 2015. We will be covering a few of them here, with several more coming in the next couple of posts. Check to see what Sentai Filmworks has in store for you!

Starting things off, Sentai Filmworks has acquired the licenses for some of the most anticipated series for Spring 2015. They are as follows:


The Labyrinth of Grisaia and The Eden of Grisaia are adapted from the very popular Grisaia series of visual novels from Front Wing. Both series will continue the story from the first season of The Fruit of Grisaia. The Labyrinth of Grisaia will come as a 60 minute special, with The Eden of Grisaia being a regular 30 minute episodic series. Mihama Academy will once again be the focal point, a school built like a prison to keep its students within. Things change when Kazami Yuuji arrives as the first ever male student, throwing the once orderly school days into disarray.

Both anime have already begun airing and are living up to the hype. Check them out if you haven’t seen it yet!



Next up is Uta noPrincesama Revolutions, which is the third entry to the Uta no Princesama story and continuing the romantic comedy musical, directed by Makoto Hoshino and animation production by A-1 Pictures.

They graduated from Saotome Academy, made it to their masters course, survived the wrath of their seniors and competitors QUARTET NIGHT, and even won the coveted Newcomer Award! But just when you thought the song and dance was done, Nanami and the boys of ST☆RISH are back for another round as their journey to the stars builds into a crescendo.

Now that the talented composer and her six leading men are finally out on their own in the world of entertainment, they have more to prove than ever as the competition grows even fiercer and the performances even flashier! When a new opportunity arises, they’ll have to prepare themselves for the ultimate challenge as their skills are once again put to the test. Will Nanami and ST☆RISH finally make it to the top or will they fall flat against the competition?

Uta no☆Princesama Revolutions is currently airing and is quite the show that will have girls glued to the screen! Lol


Food Wars has to be one of my favorites anime for Spring 2015. Adapted from the original works of Shun Saeki (who is know for his ecchi illustrations) and Yuto Tsukuda. The series is a comedy show with wonderful displays of food/cooking in a somewhat ecchi experience when visualizing the tastes of each food dish created by the main character. Food Wars is a tournament series that pits a promising young cooking prodigy against a class of potential master chefs in a boiling hot battle to see who will reign supreme in the cooking arena!

Yoshitomo Yonetani is be directing the series, with series composition duties going to Shogo Yasukawa. Character designs is provided by Tomoyuki Shitaya, with music by Tatsuya Katou. Animation production is handled by J.C. Staff, known for their work on A Certain Magical Index.

This series is currently airing and is definitely something everyone should check out!


Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? is adapted from the original work of Fujino Omori, this fantasy romantic comedy series attempts to answer the question in its own title as one young adventurer seeks to meet the perfect girl in a labyrinth filled to the brim with mythical beasts and monsters.

Yoshiki Yamakawa will be directing the series, with series composition duties going to Hideki Shirane. Character designs will be provided by Shigeko Kimoto, with original character designs belonging to Suzuhito Yasuda. Art direction will be handled by Toshiharu Misutani, and animation production will be done by J.C. Staff.

The series is currently airing and already has fans raging over the lovable, corky, and beautiful Hestia! Check it out if you get a chance!

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