Throwdown Your Questions Ep. 29

Welcome to another episode of Throwdown Your Questions. This is the show which is run by you, our loyal followers. We answer any and all Video Game, Pop Culture and Tech related questions on this podcast.

Here are all the questions we answer this week:

  • What game would you consider the biggest bust in history?
  • What is your favorite opening to a game?
  • Who between you guys would get picked first and last in a pick up basketball game?
  • Should I get DriveClub, The Last of Us, The Order 1886, or Dark Souls II for my new PS4?
  • What’s your favorite anime story?
  • What’s your favorite fight scene in an anime?
  • Which anime had your favorite art style?

Bonus: We cover the topics we had to pass over on Throwdown Ep. 29. These are: Nintendo’s latest Direct, Sony buying OnLive, and Deadpool officially getting an R rating.

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